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the Global Currency

Welcome to,

-buytcoin,is a bitcoin exchanger
where you can securely buy &
sell bitcoin.

You can exchange Your currency all over the world without Middleman & with less Fees.

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Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoins immediately by a deposit using the electronic banks or a banking transfer and avoid frauds with just 2% commission

Sell Bitcoin

The money will be deposited in your bank account or in your electronic bank for just 2% commission.

How it Works

"BUYTCOIN" Converts automatically currency in "BYT".


Here you will be able to deal directly with any member to buy or sell Bitcoins, our team verify for you all your transactions


We chose the best banks that deal well with bitcoin which does not take a commission on transfers, and also added a bank transfer to facilitate tasks for people who do not have electronic banks.

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